Sometimes when the Galaxy station was set up by someone else, the password was made something other than the default. These passwords are easy to misplace and forget over time since the detailed menus are rarely needed after initial setup.

The default password for the Galaxy X2 station is 0000.

If you enter 0000 and it tells you that the password is incorrect, you will just need to do a reset. Only do the reset when you cannot find the password that was initially set up and make sure to either use the default or save the password in an easily searchable folder on your computer.

To reset the password, follow the steps listed below.

  1. Enter the menu to where you are asked for the password
  2. Starting at the first digit, insert 276 and press ENTER (the number will flash red)
  3. Now insert 555 into the password field and press ENTER again (the number will flash green)
  4. Your password has now been erased

After you clear out the password, enter the security setup if you would like to create a new password or assign it to the default. The default, again, is 0000 which is listed in the user manual.