Installing the IR Link Driver for Windows 8

For the most part, the installation of this driver is the same as with Windows 7. I will go over the Windows 8 only steps and then provide a link to the article which explains the installation on Windows 7. If you do not have a MicroDock then the only way to obtain information from certain monitor models and change settings is with the IR Link Driver. The IR Link Driver (GA-USB1-IR) has a driver that works for Windows 8 (and 8.1) as well as Windows 7. If you have updated to Windows 8 or 8.1, you will have to adjust an option on your system settings before you are able to install the driver. I recommend printing the instructions out since the process will require a reboot of your computer into the advanced startup functions.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This procedure requires Administrator access to your computer settings. If you do not know if you have Administrator priveleges, ask your IT department or call in for assistance at (866) 455-7832.

You will start off by hovering in the lower right-hand corner of the screen to show the fly-out panel with the gear icon (pictured below).

Next you will want to click into the Gear icon to open the detailed fly-out. You will click the bottom of the bar where it says Change PC Settings. This will open the settings application for you. There you will want to select the option "Update and Recovery" followed by "Recovery".

The rest will not have images for the time being as it involves parts of the system intended to be adjusted before anything else is launched. Under the Advanced Startup option seen above, click on Restart Now. Your computer will reboot and you should see a blue screen that says Choose an option. You will want to click the Troubleshoot option on this screen.

Under that screen you will see three more options. This time click on Advanced Options to proceed. This next screen will show you five boxes to choose from. Click on the Gear Icon that says Startup Settings to move forward. It will display the options that will become available, and what you are looking for on that list is the Disable driver signature enforcement one. It is on the list so you will want to click Restart.

Your PC will reboot again and this time you will have no mouse access yet. Note that the Driver Signature Enforcement option is number 7 on the list. That is the F-key that you will need to press to turn that option off. Press F7 and wait for your computer to boot back up. Once your PC is back up and you are logged in, you will want to proceed to the instructions for installing the driver on Windows 7. From this point on, the instructions are the same. The key difference is the location of the Computer button that will open the Device Manager. You can find that on Windows 8 by opening up the Libraries (Folder Icon). Instead of Computer, it is called This PC.

Proceed to the Installing the IR Link Driver for Windows 7 article.